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Ultraguard apparel

Our Ultraguard disposable apparel consists of a wide range of disposable goods for general purpose and cleanroom usage. Our disposable apparels are produced for medical, non-medical, and cleanroom industries and are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


If you are looking into a cost effective, preferred material for a non-hazardous environment; our light-weight, durable and low lint Advantage I disposable garment is for you and it meets ANSI 101-1996. You may also choose from our Advantage Plus aprons, coveralls, lab coats, and sleeves which also meets ANSI 101-1996. Or choose from the three-layer Advantage Pro disposable apparels which are excellent barriers against water based liquids and to light chemical splash. Or best yet, try our NEW Advantage MPC, a soft, light weight yet strong apparel is the ideal choice for protection against non-toxic liquid, spray, dirt and dust.

Additionally, we carry many products including but not limited to: Adhesive Mats, Cleanroom wipers, Finger cots, Face shields, and ElectroStatic Dissipative devices (ESD).
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Respire-X Dust Masks, Vector Finger Cots, DuraShield Disposable Gloves, General Purpose Gloves, Cleanroom Gloves, Ultraguard Disposable Apparel, Electrostat Electrostatic Disposable Devices, Qvis Safety Glasses and Goggles, Cleantack Adhesive Mats, Unitek Cleanroom Wipers and Stationary, Nogma Personal Protection, Ivanhoe, Lab Supplies, Pipet Tips , Cleanroom Poly Mops.

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